Preparing an embedded system for a Windows target

It is assumed that your embedded system has a serial driver running, and that the port /dev/ser1 is available for connection to the Windows workstation COM1. Typically, you'll utilize a cross-over serial cable for the connection.

Configuring your system for network communication

Configuring your embedded system for network communication.


If you have a second serial port for your embedded system, we strongly recommend that you connect it to a terminal program (such as teraterm, hyperterm, and so on) so that you can have a console (shell) for PPP debugging purposes.

Some of the diagnostic discussions below assume that you have access to a console (either the serial shown above, or a direct connect video and keyboard).

To ensure that the cable is correct and the systems are properly communicating, you should verify that you have a working serial connection between /dev/ser1 and COM1.

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